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Extended Intro-course

Evening course

Duration: 1 evening, 4 hours

Price: 1580 kr

Place: Lysaker in Oslo





Løpern-kurs Sognsvann

Why the extended introcourse?

Extended means the course is longer and we cover more than the normal course. The reason behind this, is that in our experience many people only take the introduction course. Therefore we want to better equipt our participants to paddle safely on their own.

Extended intro course

All participants qualify to get "våttkort", and you will recieve one at the course. You need one to rent a kayak.

No previous experiense is requierd. The course will be adjusted to every individual participant, so everybody will get the maximum possible benefit, given their personal predisposition. Vi offer courses on different levels.

Learn2Kayak has all the necessary equiptment: kayak, oar, sprayskirt, wetsuits and lifejackets.

What to bring:

Bring super or wool longs, a pair of shoes that can get wet, towel and dry clothes. It is also nice to bring a waterbottle and some snacks.

When we practice the buddy rescue, we will be in the water, thats why it is nice to wear wool or super longs on cold or cloudy days.


Your valuables will be locked in a hall during the course.

PS: We do not teach the eskimo-roll during this course. If you like to learn self-rescue (how to get back in the kayak when you are in the water), it takes more time and practice than the extended intro course allows. Elementary course, witch is longer, covers this. If you want to learn the eskimo-roll, we recomend a private trainer, with 1-2 participants (maximum 4), because this requiers a tight follow for each participant.


The course will be thought in norwegian, but we will explain in english. (Everything is fairly intuitive, so the explanation might not even be necessary).


Program - Extended intro course

On land:

- Intro to the seakayak

- Practice the paddle tecniques

- Practice buddy rescue

- Change

In shallow water:

- Adjust and put the kayak in the oacean

- Learn support stroke

- Learn to enter and exit the kayak with ease, and with or without the sprayskirt

In the ocean:

- Learn front and back stroke

- Learn turn and how to stroke to move sideways

- Practice buddy rescue/ how to get back in the kayak when you are in the water

Back on land:

- Get the equiptment back where we got it from

- Change

- Recive your ”våttkort”

We follow Padleforbundets HMS-standards

Place – adress: Drammensveien 282.

- Directions to Lysaker Station:

From E-18, direction west. If you are driving from Oslo, take off right before Lysaker, the sign says Sollerud and Lilleaker. Turn left in the roundabout, and right after to the right up a little hill. This is the commute parking for Lysaker station.

- Bus or train:

There is a train and busstation near Sollerudstranda. The station is Lysaker stasjon.

-Walk from Lysaker station:

It is only a five minutte walk from the train or busstation. Cross the bridge over Lysaker river, and folow the footpath in the grass between the beach and the big office buiding. When you get to the beachvolley, you will se a little parking on the left side. The parking is in front of Sollerudstranda kindergarden. This it where we meet.

Make sure to take a look before the course starts. So that you know where to meet. We appriciate if you take the time to be there before the course starts.